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Our annual open model call

Hey loves!!! We hope that your thanksgiving holiday was everything you had hoped for! Can you believe that we are literally 1 week away before we celebrate Christmas?! Well so much has happened in between Thanksgiving and Christmas for us and one of our announcements that we have is our first annual open model call. We have had a lot of growth spurts and now we are able to spread our wings some more with hosting this open model call.

The fashion industry itself has changed and we want to make sure that we are keeping up with what the fashion industry is looking for. We can't do that without you, the talent. What gets me more excited is that EMM has found a new home with music studio, Legacy Music. This powerhouse is also home to Insight Magazine and celebrity photographer, Curtis Lawrence. Also in the legacy house is model legend and coach, Mr. Leon Craig. The owner of legacy music is music producer, Nathaniel Jones. Being a part of this umbrella gives EMM all of the necessary tools to help build and grow our talent in a way that most people want to truly be represented. It has always been a dream and passion for me to have people who are our clients and/or our talent have a place where everything they need is under one roof.

Well. Dreams can become a reality and so it is with us!

So. First up. Our annual open model call. We are looking for fresh new faces to represent and new talent looking to expand and invest in their profession through our monthly workshops and in house courses at Legacy Music.

We will also begin our first kids/teens fashion show, "The Queen's kids fashion weekend" where we will celebrate our youth through artistic performances and fashion shows throughout the weekend right inside the Eastridge Mall on Saturday February 25-26th, 2023!

Finally, we will round out our first 6 months of 2023 with the creation of The Black Experience Fashion Week in June 2023. This will be an opportunity to experience all that we have in the arena of arts, entertainment, fashion and finances! Yes, we will highlight all things Black in the SE region (NC, SC, VA, ATL....etc)

We are ready. Are you?

Click on the link to register now.


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