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  • Harriett Washington

We did it Joe!!!

"Do not despise small beginnings daughter." This is what my mother would often say to me, but the reality is that sometimes having to wait takes prayer, dedication and patience. Today. I understand that anything that has value must take its time to develop and then blossom.

We have a lot to be grateful for but we are proud to say that our house photographer, Kingston Wise (IG: @artisticvisionphotography) and our models, Brianna (IG: @breezythemodel) and Mingo (IG: @almighty.mingo) has landed their first magazine publication with Black Cruze Magazine! (IG: @blackcruzemag) Check them out at

And we can't forget to mention that the glasses being worn by Mingo are from one of our clients, Madame Dope. Please like and follow their page and shop for your next pair of glasses! (IG: @madamedope) Check them out at

This is one of many for all of our talented models and actors. To be truthful, we haven't shared with our audience our true talent, but no worries because now we have our blog platform to share so much more!! Please go follow them and share US with your friends and family!

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