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Hey loves!! It's been a while since we've talked because it's already been a busy 2023 for us and as I am sitting here just thinking about what has transpired in these first 3 months, I am literally in awe of God's glory resting on EMM.

On March 19th, I had the opportunity to share the runway with 3 of our gems at what can go down in the history books as the DOPEST day in fashion in Charlotte NC. It was the MET Gala Fashion show brought to you by Deveilop Luxe Event Planning by creator and CEO Mr. Demetris Faison introducing the #greenroommovement to the Queen City! It was held at the newly built Grand Bohemian Hotel of Charlotte on the lawn. It was 2 events in one day beginning with the all White party. Mr. Faison, his staff and premiere sponsors left no stone unturned! Everyone who came experienced luxury that Charlotte hasn't created. Hailing from Raleigh NC, came with the FIRE of what luxe events should look and feel like!

He topped the day off with the black tie MET Gala fashion show where people showed up in their own way of black tie fashion to watch his new lines, Dapper and Dazzle Couture come to life!!

I thought I was creative!! 👀 well, this fashion show made me step back and say, girl, you have got to step your game up!!! Lol. To be able to be in my zone behind the scenes AND on the runway PLUS being in the atmosphere with my gems completed my reason of being in this space!! And even though it was FREEZING outside, no one wanted to miss what came down the runway! This is part of our modeling world. You must be present for whatever comes because in the end it was HOT LIKE FIRE!!!

Lastly. This experience was especially important to me as 2 of our gems, Rebekah and John was their first official fashion show they walked for under our brand and they did not come to play!! I was a proud mother to say the least! This show reignited my very soul to go even harder to ensure our name, our models and talent will be of quality and are a part of quality opportunities!! There's more on the horizon for EMM!! Can't you feel it?! I certainly can!

~MamaBear aka Ms. Harriett

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