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A moment to give thanks.

As we prepare to celebrate a day of thanksgiving, I wanted to share with you a reason why I am so grateful.

As we grow up, we have dreams and visions of becoming a doctor, lawyer, nurse, judge or entrepreneur. Well. I was the latter. Ever since I was 16 years old, I always desired and said that I would have a successful model agency by the time I was 27. Well. As you know, life will have a way of changing all of your plans yet bring you right back to your dreams and vision when you are ready to receive it. God knew that I wasn't completely ready in my twenties to run such a thing. I had to go through failed relationships, have children, move to entirely new state I knew nothing of and the ability to learn who I really am fully.

Though at times, I still feel like there is so much more to accomplish, in which, there is, I still find joy of knowing that what I wanted almost 30 years ago is now coming to fruition.

In this season of thanksgiving, don't allow it to just be a moment but rather a daily inspiration of being thankful for the little things, the small beginnings so that you will have a place to reflect and see how far you have come. So. As you go through the rest of this year, in which it went by super fast, take a moment to whisper a soft, "thank you" for every moment and situation you had to face, go through or let go because it is those moments that refine you, give you strength and the ability to face things head on.

Have a heart of gratefulness as you carry on and know that when your heart of full of the right things, the reward and outcome is great!!

Now!! Let's eat!!!🥰

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