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We are so glad that you have taken the time to stop by EMM. Hi. My name is Harriett and I am the founder and CEO of Elan Model Management. If you have never met me, I want to make sure that I greet you with a hello. I am just a woman who had a dream to give of myself in this world of fashion and now the time has finally come.

I remember going to modeling school at 15 believing that I would some day grace the stages in New York, Los Angeles, Paris and even at home in Seattle. It didn't happen that way. Instead, when I was rejected by agencies in my hometown, I wouldn't allow it to kill my dream of becoming a top modeling agency in my time, so I started teaching others what I learned in school. This was back in the late 80's mind you so hearing about or knowing of any model coaches that were doing the same thing as me wasn't popular. When I think back on how it all happen still trips me out because social media definitely wasn't where it is today, so anyone who knew about what I did was through word of mouth and a couple of phone calls. (Yes. We actually had to call people!!😂) And if it weren't for my piano teacher, Mrs. Jones of Jones Clavier that allowed me to conduct the classes, I wouldn't be able to share it with you and realize that dreams can come true.

Let's fast forward to now. On September 3, 2019, I finally took a true leap of faith and started EMM. EMM is the acronym for Encourage. Mentor. Mold. This is who we truly are. We are more than a mother agency. The vision that was given to me was that we will be a place where what you need in fashion is right here in this house. More importantly, we look at the heart of our talent. We want to ensure that they are in a good place mentally and emotionally and help them to blossom in a healthy way. Not only are we opening and preparing to represent models, actors, stylist, makeup artist, hairstylist photographers/videographers and nail professionals to the industry of fashion, media and entertainment through fashion shows, photoshoots, music videos, movies, commercial and print work but will also have development courses available for people who want to know and understand the ins and outs of their career or simply want to increase their level of self confidence; whatever it is, we are ready for action!

Since Covid, we have had some successes with our talent. We also produced our first show this past February, "You are beautifully and wonderfully made fashion show: shedding light on eating disorders." This is something that is still very relevant and real, especially with the way social media constantly makes us judge ourselves through what others post, say or do. It is especially an issue in the African American community and our mission is to shatter its affects on our mental health and find a way to help those who suffer, to no longer suffer in silence. Stay tuned for what we are preparing for in 2023.

So now. Here we are in the year of 5783,(the Jewish calendar) the year of the mouth and also the year of recompense and restoration. We are fully engulfed in this as we are finally in a space where things that should have been done and now happening. New improvements to the website are happening, (be patient with me, we are learning and working so expect some bloopers, mess ups and what nots until we get all the kinks out!! Lol)

and most of all, something that I wrote in my journal in 2019 is now manifesting.

In this season, we are mindful of our words and what we say. And since our inception, I have declared that EMM will be global. That is 3 years of believing. 3 years of not seeing it in the physical. 3 years of hard knocks and blows. 3 years of wins and losses. And through it all, my faith NEVER waivered. So. Here is to new opportunities being made. Those new relationships with clients who want and need our services. Abundance flowing toward our company and talent (family). Watching our models grace fashion stages and fashion houses globally and our very own fashion tour be SELL OUTS IN EVERY CITY!!!

Love is in our house. Kindness is in our house. Victories are in our house. And we celebrate and support everyone who resides here. It's next level and we can't wait for you to come over!!!

Coming up.

The Black Experience Fashion Week 2023.

You heard it from the one who created it. This is the original. This is what God gave me to give to you in 2019 and we can not wait to deliver. The question is, are you ready to receive?! Well, if you aren't ready, then you better GET READY cause we are here!


~HB, aka, MamaBear, aka, Harriett. The connector.

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